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After the invention of the telescope, the study of celestial phenomena was carried out approximately as follows: the astronomer looked at the eyepiece at the object of interest, and recorded or sketched the results of his observations. But over time, to help the eye of an observer astronomer came a picture.

The photograph was invented in the beginning of the XIX century. The first pictures were taken on copper plates covered with a layer of photosensitive asphalt, through which an image of an object was projected through the lens for a long time. The image obtained in this way was fixed in a special way.

Gradually photographic methods were modified and improved. Pictures began to be received first on silver plates covered with a layer of silver iodide, then on special translucent paper and, finally, on glass plates.

In the middle of the XIX century, the first photographs of the Moon and then of the solar corona during the eclipse were obtained. However, the photographic materials used in those times had very low sensitivity and required very long exposures. And the clockwork of the telescopes was then far from perfect. Therefore, the images were of poor quality.

The real development of astrophotography was only in the 80s of the last century, when dry bromo-gelatin films of high sensitivity were invented ...

The physical basis of the photographic process is the so-called photochemical reactions. Each of you probably noticed how the colors fade in the sun. This is due to the fact that under the influence of light, the decomposition of molecules of certain substances occurs. Such reactions are called photochemical reactions.

The photograph usually uses a photochemical decomposition reaction of any silver salt, for example silver bromide, silver and bromine or chloride, as well as silver iodide. The glass plate is covered with a special emulsion, consisting of gelatin and a number of tiny crystals - grains of a silver salt. During exposure, under the influence of light, chemical changes occur in the emulsion, accompanied by the emission of metallic silver particles in the illuminated areas. The brighter the lighting, the more particles are released. A latent image is formed. To make it visible, it must be shown. To do this, the emulsion is exposed to special chemical reagents, the so-called developer. Under his influence, metallic silver, as the chemists say, is restored and the corresponding sections of the emulsion darken. And the stronger, the more light it got during exposure to this site. The same sections of the plate that have not been illuminated remain bright.

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