The Best Chimney Pipe and Stove Pipe to use

One of the best ways to be safe and save yourself a BIG headache is to use the right kind of Pipe for your Chimney and Fireplace Installation. I have been in...

Gas fireplaces need annual inspection too. - Atlanta Chimney Sweep

It seems many homeowners erroneously believe that gas logs and gas fireplaces are maintenance free and many seldom have them inspected or serviced unless a malfunction occurs. While representing Old Hat Chimney at the Atlanta Spring Home Show last year, I asked many attendee’s when they last had a chimney inspection.

Source: Atlanta Chimney Cleaning and Repair

Yahoo answers Can you replace your gas fireplace with wood burning without changing the chimney?

  • Maintenance & Repairs

    What kind of exhaust does it have? It it a 6 -or 8 inch diameter chimney (steel or whatnot) that goes all the way up? If so, it should be fine.

Yahoo answers How do I turn my gas log fireplace into a ventless fireplace with a remote?

  • Decorating & Remodeling

    We had an existing gas line in an existing fireplace. We did a direct vent which was REALLY easy. They just put the vent "pipes" in your existing chimney and attach it to the gas fireplace...

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  • Why Green Fireplaces Are A Smart Decision For Your Home

    Given that the output of an electric fireplace is clean air, with no gas emissions, no pollution, and no fumes from any kind, the indoor air quality of your home will not be compromised and neither the level of oxygen in the room lowered. Furthermore

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