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  • Modern Lampshade - For Led Lights Cars Ceiling Home Use Lamps Sale Ikea Store
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 Item Description

ZE Light

Content: 30pcs of ZElight module

Color: White 

Material :  Translucent Polycarbonate Plastic 

Feature : Flexible, Durable, Washable

Diameter:  12 inches (30cm)

* Light bulbs and light fixtures are not included.

The ZElight is a self assembly light system made of interlocking quadrilaterals.

The modules are made of translucent white Polycarbonate plastic, which is unbreakableand washable. When assembled to an interlocking shape, it can be used to shade a standard bulb and socket.

The standard ZE light pack contains 30 modules. Lamps of many shapes and sizes can be assembled using the identical ZE light modules. 30elements can make 2 small lamps (15 + 15 or 12 + 18) or 3 smaller lamps(9 + 9 + 12).

A color instruction booklet is included to guide you through the assembly of more than 20 variations of shapes and sizes. Assembly takes less than15 minutes.

The beauty of the geometry and the genius of the design fascinate the eyes and has proven to be contemporary in any design era. A subtle organic surface and the fine diffuse glow gives ZELight its unique appearance.

As part of our commitment to green movement, this ZE light is made of   special eco-friendly polycarbonate plastic, instead of PVC.

We choose eco-friendly packing material and yet give maximum protection to the item.

We recommend you to use compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb for this ZELight to help save the Earth. Thank you.


ZE LightDecoration




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